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What we do with hair regrowth treatment in Perth WA

First of all we make you welcome. Our purpose built hair regrowth studios in Perth are private with a relaxed atmosphere and our courteous team of highly trained and experienced professionals work with you individually to initially evaluate the cause and extent of your hair loss problem using specialised scientific equipment.

They will then recommend an affordable hair restoration program tailored to meet your specific hair re-growth requirements. Should you wish to continue, you will undergo the right course of highly effective Crown Laser based therapy – at times convenient to you – to stimulate your hair follicles.

The overwhelming majority of our clients have commented that they look forward to visiting our studios during the hair loss treatment process. Usually, this simply involves a regular, relaxing head massage and putting your feet up to enjoy your favourite music or magazine while you have your painless Crown Laser therapy.

We are not just a successful hair growth studio, we’re an innovative experience.

Book your appointment before July 31 2018 and your hair and scalp analysis, normally worth $250, will be absolutely FREE.

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Our Success Stories

  • Terry 36 years old, 6 months treatment, 4D Brush.*
  • Tony 30 years old, 4 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, FIFO program.*
  • Travis 39 years old, 7 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, DIY diode program.*
  • Trevor 30 years old, 7 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, DIY program.*
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