Gary Brady is now using a Crown Laser Helmet at home

Gary Brady has been presented with a Crown Laser Helmet to use in the comfort of his own home.

Gary was crowned Australia’s Biggest Hair Regrowth Sceptic and won himself a 12 week IHLS Hair Transformation Package worth $10,000.

It’s safe to say he’s not a sceptic anymore – take a look at his before and after shots!*

Gary Brady Before & After IHLS


With his new locks, Gary is now leaving us and moving to South Australia.

Derek Best, CEO of IHLS, presented Gary with his Crown Laser Helmet to use at home.

This new helmet is Australian made and the strongest lasers for cosmetic purposes. Gary can now continue to regrow his hair in the privacy of his own home.

Congratulations on your results Gary, thanks for sharing your journey with us and good luck on your SA adventure!

*Individual results may vary.