Gordon Rochoy Hair Regrowth Medication

hair regrowth medication


Gordon shares why he uses hair regrowth medication sourced direct from Innovative Hair Loss Solutions. Watch the video or read the conversation below.

Do you use hair loss medication from IHLS?

At first I didn’t. The first time I did it I used medication from the chemist, and that works as well. Their brands are fine I had no issues with them.

Was there any benefit using hair loss medication sourced from elsewhere?

It was harder because there were two different capsules. I had to make my own and cut them, stuff like that to get the right amount – whereas this is all-in-one so it’s definitely easier.

Can you save time using hair loss medication sourced from elsewhere?

It’s more time consuming having to remember that you’ve got to cut tablets and store them so it can get quite difficult.

Did you save money using hair loss medication sourced from elsewhere?

Cost-wise it’s pretty much exactly the same to be honest. It’s pretty much the same from what I gathered. That’s why I went back to using IHLS, it’s just easier!