Have you paused your program?

Here’s another short video featuring Gordon Rochoy, one of Innovative Hair Loss Solutions’ recent success stories. In this video Gordon discusses pausing his hair regrowth program. Our full conversation with Gordon is can also be read below.

Did you think IHLS would help you?

To be honest I was skeptical, I didn’t think it was going to work – but the results worked when I followed the program. When I stopped obviously it went back a bit but that was my own fault.

What happened when you paused the program?

My hair growth receded and started to go back to what it was before. Not as bad of a level but definitely went backwards.

If you’ve paused your program for whatever reason and noticed the onset of hair loss again, there’s a big chance we can help you regrow it again*. Call us now for a consultation!

*Individual results may vary.