Man Vs Wild 2014

Graham McDonnell is about to embark on a challenge like no other.

This remote wilderness trek is based in a rugged and remote area of the East Kimberley and is designed for those of us who are ready for a once in a lifetime adventure!! We will be dropped in the middle of nowhere and have to hunt and gather our food and find fresh water to keep us alive for 7 day in the blistering sun of the remote Kimberley.

The reason for the gruelling challenge is to raise money and awareness for the telethon adventurers and their fantastic cause to find a cure and put a stop to childhood brain cancer for good.

I am asking people to dig deep and donate to this fantastic cause because without your help there will be more young children that will unfortunately fall victim to this terrible disease.

Walking Waterfall


Life is a gift that everyone deserves to enjoy.

Thank you,
Graham McDonnell