For many women, hair is a statement of personality and style. However, for many of us, hair loss affects many factors of our lives including personal growth, mental wellbeing, health and fitness.

We are all different, and as such, every woman has her own experiences and beliefs about what it means to be a woman. That said however, many women face social pressures about how they should behave, feel and think, influencing how women respond to different situations at different times.

Women can feel under pressure to always appear:

  • Graceful and elegant.  Many women find it uplifting to be seen by others or simply themselves as ‘stylish’
  • Courageous and empowering. Many women seek to be constantly mentally strong and empowered/empowering.
  • Self-reliant. Many women are reluctant to seek help and try to sort out and deal with problems alone.
  • In control. Many women see vulnerability in front of others as a sign of weakness.

For some of us, these pressures can become overwhelming, leading to stress, resentment and poor mental health.

Isn’t now the time to change the ‘Now You’ into the ‘Future You’?