Be the first to find the IHLS Fugitive at one of 10 locations on Australia Day and you will WIN $100 CASH!

The IHLS Fugitive is on the run. We have good information that on Australia Day he will be in the Perth CBD with a stash of CASH and also our Platinum Range Hair Loss Scalp Treatment.

If you’re the first to find him at one of 10 locations around the Perth CBD on Australia Day you will WIN $100 CASH!

Location hints will be posted on the IHLS Facebook Page every hour between 8am and 5pm on Australia Day.

Like the IHLS Facebook Page and keep checking for clues. The IHLS Fugitive (and $100 cash) might be closer than you think!

Find the IHLS Fugitive, WIN $100 CASH and post about it on Facebook. It’s that simple.

There are ten locations each with $100 cash to be won. One winner per location.

Happy hunting!!!