I'm too young to go bald. I need the answer now.

Going Bald?

Hair Regrowth for Perth’s Balding Men and Women

Male pattern baldness, including loss of hair on the crown of the head, is the most common form of hair loss. It is also the most researched and the easiest to treat. At IHLS we have been successfully treating baldness in Perth for over 40 years.


Complete this form today to contact the Innovative Hair Loss Solutions team at our Super Studio in Subiaco. Remember, the sooner you start hair regrowth treatment for baldness, the greater your chance of success.

What They're Saying

"It was just amazing. There were results after just a couple of months and I decided to buy one of the hand-held laser brushes which I now use at home twice a week along with topical treatments. There’s been a massive difference. This treatment really works for me."
Greg, 25, Kewdale (January 2013)*

*Individual results may vary