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Hair Loss Clinics for Women


At Innovative Hair Loss Solutions we fully understand the social and emotional issues that affect women who are experiencing hair loss.

We offer you a free first consultation at which we will determine your particular hair loss problem and design the most appropriate solution for you.

We’ll also provide you with a free comprehensive information pack crammed with details about hair loss and how best to reverse it.


Sign up for a course of treatment before 30 November and your first three purchases of topical products will be at HALF PRICE.

What They're Saying

"It was just amazing. There were results after just a couple of months and I decided to buy one of the hand-held laser brushes which I now use at home twice a week along with topical treatments. There’s been a massive difference. This treatment really works for me."
Greg, 25, Kewdale (January 2013)*

*Individual results may vary