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Hair Regrowth Treatment for Perth Men

There are several types of treatment for hair loss in Perth – wigs, implants, transplants and skull caps to name a few.

At Innovative Hair Loss Solutions we only treat the most common form of hair loss – androgenic alopecia. Our hair regrowth clinicians treat your scalp by using safe, low-level laser devices which stimulate tired and lazy hair follicles and sebaceous glands to continue producing healthy hairs.

In a few cases, hair loss may have progressed to an advanced stage which is not receptive to laser regrowth treatment. You can be absolutely sure that if your particular hair condition will not respond to Innovative Hair Loss Solutions‘ unique Crown Laser technology treatments, you will be told immediately after your hair and scalp analysis at our studio.

The vast majority of men who consult IHLS will experience success from our hair loss treatments in Perth.

The IHLS hair regrowth treatment primarily involves the use of Crown Laser technology, usually once a week, and the application of topical and or medical products.

Crown Laser Scalp Boost,   Crown Laser Scalp Stimulator,    Crown Laser Balance and    Crown Laser Saw Palmetto are hair regrowing products that may be recommended for your natural hair regrowth. Your personal hair treatment consultant will advise you which of these products is most suitable for your scalp condition.

The IHLS hair regrowth treatment in Perth is safe, non-invasive and pain free. Depending on the result of your hair and scalp analysis and the frequency of your visits, treatment can take as little as six weeks.

If you undergo a hair and scalp analysis before July 31 2018 and you purchase a treatment program you’ll have up to 12 months interest free!

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Our Success Stories

  • Terry 36 years old, 6 months treatment, 4D Brush.*
  • Tony 30 years old, 4 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, FIFO program.*
  • Travis 39 years old, 7 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, DIY diode program.*
  • Trevor 30 years old, 7 years hair loss, 6 months treatment, DIY program.*
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