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John R*

My hair had been thinning slowly for about two years and I became very concerned about it as I had always had good thick hair. Then within a space of about two months it started thinning out at a much quicker rate. I became quite stressed as I thought that within a short time I would lose my hair.

This prompted me to research Hair Loss sites and I found Innovative. I went to see them to see what they had to offer. The first consultation convinced me to sign up for treatment and I had never looked back. Within three weeks of starting the treatment I stopped losing my hair and month after month it started to thicken again.

I was extremely happy with the results and no longer felt stressed about the prospect of losing my hair. It was the pleasure to deal with the staff at Innovative as they made me feel very comfortable in my journey to hair regrowth. I have a thick head of hair now and am extremely pleased with the result. I have recommended Innovative to others who have also found it to be very successful.