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After experiencing hair loss for the better part of 13 years, It finally came to the point where I would no longer leave the house without wearing a hat, I would even knock back invitations from friends and work colleagues to go out if it involved going some where that a hat was not suitable. I also dreaded family photos as they were a constant reminder of my hair loss. My father had been hassling me for years to do something about my hair loss before it was too late, but it was not until seeing myself on a mates holiday home movie that I decided to do something about it. I had seen the adverts for innovative on the TV and in newspapers so I decided to make an appointment. After speaking with the excellent consultants at Innovative I decided to go ahead with the treatment. The payment plans were great as they allowed for all income levels to afford the treatment. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the laser treatments are relaxing. The massages are also great. The results I have achieved so far have exceeded my wildest expectations. I now look forward to social events and am always amazed at the compliments from friends and workmates. I highly recommend Innovative to anyone experiencing hair loss, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!I only wish I had took my fathers advice and did something earlier. But as they say life begins at 30 and it certainly has for me.